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10 Reasons Not To Visit India ever if you are specifically a Female solo traveler

India might be our arch-rival, but we do know the country is also blessed with the beauty that we have. However, there are a lot of reasons you should not consider visiting India in 2020. To make our case, here are all of those reasons.

10 reasons why no one should plan a trip to India in 2020

Kashmir Issue


This goes without saying that India isn’t capable of upholding peace in its own region. The oppression being inflicted on Kashmiris is one thing that will melt even the strongest of hearts. The beautiful valley is in the lockdown for months, and hundreds of people have died to get their independence. If this doesn’t convince you not to visit India then we don’t know what will.

Racism & Cultural Hatred

India is famous for racism not only with its own people but those around the world as well. The Indian Muslims have been suffering for decades and the cruelty is on the rise every day. This is one thing everyone who visits India notices and dislikes.

Trash, Trash, Everywhere!

The streets, valleys, public transport, buses, restaurants, apartment complexes – wherever you see, the trash is strewn everywhere.

No Discipline

There is no concept of discipline or queues in India. While this concept varies as per the cultures, but there are no queues in public places which makes getting around doing your business a lot difficult.


India is the seventh most polluted country; hence it goes without saying that pollution is immense and can harm those who are not used to it.

Looters & Liars

India is full of greedy people due to rising poverty and the population. They take advantage of tourists and mislead them to get as much money out of them as they can.

Extreme Traffic

India has one of the worst traffic issues in the world. You tend to be stuck in traffic for hours, which is a bummer for tourists.

Safety & Security

Due to the rising tension between people of different religions in India always, there are security issues and even those who travel from abroad have to be vigilant of kidnappings, ransom, and abductions.

No Standards

It goes without saying that everyone will treat you differently in India. Sometimes a hawker will sell you something cheap and the other day it would be super expensive. They find all the ways to get the money out of you and fool you. Hence, you need to be aware of the lack of standards.

Getting the Visa

Getting the visa for India isn’t easy and the procedure is strenuous and hard. It will definitely make you question if going through all the hassle is worth it or not.


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