Asad Haroon = Pakistani Backpacker

Hi, I’m Asad,

A regular advertising guy and extremely lazy adventurer!

So it all started back in 2011 when I started traveling solo for the first time. Back then, I had a gap year between University and High school so I thought traveling would be a good idea. I had been a fan of traveling since my childhood. But traveling solo was something new for me. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I bought a plane ticket to up north and got myself a reservation in a middle-tier Motel in Skardu, Pakistan. I started planing the trip after I reached the destination and I knew it was a stupid idea but it was an amazing experience to go with the flow and meet new people and explore the culture.

Things got a little adventurous in 2014 when I got to see Europe for the first time. Considering that I belonged to a third-world country, for sure I didn’t have the luxury of enjoying the fancy Europian Hotels back then. The only way out for me to survive Eurotrip was to travel on a controlled budget so that I could checkmark more countries on my checklist. The whole point of my journey was to explore as much as possible and ended up visiting multiple Countries in Europe with a Tight Budget. I started my travel from the heart of Europe, Vienna and explored the multicultural capital of Austria in a month. Later I started my journey and decided to travel with a budget of 100 Euros per country. So I ended up visiting, Munich in Germany, Prague in Czech, Bratislava in Slovakia, Venice in Italy, Vienna and Salzburg in Austria and Budapest in Hungary. On the way back to Pakistan I visited Istanbul in Turkey for 24 hours.

During my stay, I tried my best to explore towns on foot because that is something Europe is famous for. However, the interesting part was that I traveled to all the above-mentioned cities in $3000 which included my stay, food, and transport. I had no idea how much I would love backpacking and living in hostels around Europe. Since then, I am always up for travel, let it be domestic or international.

The purpose of making this blog “Lazy Tripper” is because I would like to share my experiences and guides with people who are into backpacking, travel and are eager to explore the world. My dream is to travel and document all the continents of the world since I am a seasoned blogger but never thought of blogging