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Best Things to Do in Brussels while you are on a vacation in 2020


Let’s get to the serious business now. If you are making a vacation trip to Brussels, take a look at all of these places you should go to:

Grand Palace

It will only be fair to start the list with this Grand Palace. It is the cultural and historical hub of Brussels. Throughout the giant square is intricate and beautiful architecture. You won’t stop by admiring how beautiful it is. You can sit at an (overpriced) café and enjoy the breathtaking views the city has to offer.

Asad Haroon Backpacking in Brussels - Things to see in Brussels 2020


Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium And the Magritte Museum

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts houses both ancient and modern works. You can get an entry for €8 only. There is another museum called Magritte Museum connected to it, which has the work of a surrealist master Rene Magritte. It will also cost you €8, but if you decide to visit them both you can get a discounted admission of €13.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

From Tintin to the world-famous Smurfs, Belgium has produced some excellent comic books. If you have never visited the Belgian comic strip center or a similar place, it is a fun place for all comic book lovers. The admission is for only €10.

Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum has one of the best dinosaur collections in the world. So, if you are anyone like Ross Geller, you will love this place the most. Other than being the largest dinosaur gallery in Europe, it has a lot of dino bones. You can get an entry for €7.

Cinquantenaire Museum

One of the largest in Europe, this history has artifacts that date back to the 20th century and as old as the prehistoric times. The best attractions include the great mosaic floor from Apamea, the Egyptian Sarcophagi, the Greek vases and the model of Ancient Rome. You get to see all of this including a variety of Art Nouveau pieces for €8 only.

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

One of the finest in Brussels, this Roman Catholic Church, if you are at the right time you might get to hear the special organ as well. This is one place that won’t charge you anything to visit, so it should be a must on your list.

Royal Army & Military History Museum

Every city in Europe has got something for history, especially military and war buffs. If browsing through decades-old artifacts and weaponry is the sightseeing of your choice then definitely go to this museum. It has an aviation hall full of military aircraft, which is the highlight. The entry is free of cost.

Royal Army & Military History Museum - Things to do in Brussels


Parc Leopold and Square Marie Louise Plein

Don’t get confused with such a difficult title. These two places are where the Brussels charm happens. If you want to enjoy some quiet time or have a picnic, leave the craziness of city life and do visit these places.


We are going to give you a disclaimer warning before you continue to read this one, it is kind of weird. This is a statue of a little boy that pees. What’s more? The city administration continues to dress him up in different outfits. While it might be dumb to watch, but do spend 5 minutes capturing pictures with this ever-peeing boy.

Horta Museum

Europe is famous for Art Nouveau, and so is Brussels. This museum was once the house of an architect who specialized in art nouveau. Victor Hortal built his house in the late 1890s, and it is one of these examples of the art nouveau style homes. The place is a treat for the eyes and some people even imagine themselves living in the house as grand as this one. The museum timings are 2 pm 5:30 pm, and the entry will cost you €10.

Gorge at the Gare du Midi market

If Sunday in Brussels is a part of your plan, then do visit this market. It is the third-largest market in Europe and is the home to some of the world’s best food. You name it and the yummiest rendition of the food will be available here.


If you love cars as much as we do, AutoWorld should be on your list. It is a car museum that has over 300 European and American vintage cars. These cars date back to the late 19th century to the 70s. The admission is for €12.


As with every other guide, we put up, the best way to know a certain place is to get a walking tour with the locals so you get to know their perspective and visit some places you did not come across on the internet. Take a free walking tour on your first day, so you get an idea of which places you would want to come again and which places do not look fun at all.

The free walking tour will give you a brief overview of the city. However, if you are looking for specialized information, please keep in mind those tours will be paid.

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