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Here are my recommendations on the Best Things to do in Budapest in 2020. Here comes the fun part. What do when in Budapest? Let us tell you all the places you should go to (there are a lot of them) and the activities you must do while on your vacation in Budapest. 


Danube Promenade

As we have already told you, this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you wish to enjoy some peace while taking nature in, Danube Promenade is the place to be. As a bonus, you will be able to get a view of many of the best sights of Budapest.

Great Synagogue

The world’s second-largest synagogue, this is a beautiful structure and the sight to behold. A definite must-visit.

The House of Terror

The House of Terror is Budapest’s history’s biggest showcase. It is a museum that houses all of the horrors of the city’s time under Nazi and communist rules. It focuses on the secret police of both parties. Do you want to know something horrific about the location? It was secret police’s headquarters, which doubled as their torture site. You will get a peek on the dreadful history once you visit this museum.

Castle Hill

A must-visit when you are in Budapest, Castle Hill is right atop the city and goes back to the 14th and 15th centuries. You will need an entire day to discover this place because the area also has some of the best city attractions. Apart from the cobblestone streets of this castle, you can visit Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias Church, Buda Castle, and Trinity Square.

Hungarian Parliament

The largest building in entire Hungary and third largest parliament in the world, you would love the overlook outlook of it. You can either just watch it from the outside or get a daily tour to look at what’s inside for $14.

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Great Market Hall

This market was built in 1984 and is a decent place to go to if you want to admire the architecture. Most of the shoppers here come for vegetables, fruits, random souvenirs, and prepared foods. However, keep in mind, the price here is a lot higher than the average market rate in the Buda side. Hence, just admire it or eat small bites stuff.

Heroes’ Square

It is the largest square of the country which celebrates the thousandth anniversary. It is also an entrance to the City Park.

City Park

This is the quiet place away from the city, where people come to find their solace. Spread across 302 acres, it houses zoon and a replica of the Transylvanian Castle. You will love it during the day.

Memento Park

During the communist time, Budapest got a lot of monuments and statues as they loved them. Even though after the end of communism, people tore almost all the statues, but they put them in a park outside the town. If you wish to get selfies with Stalin, it is a fun place to visit.

Hungarian State Opera House

One of the finest in the world, this neo-Renaissance Opera house is a tour that you should take. You can also get some cheap tickets if you wish to see an opera.

Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Saint Stephen’s Basilica is the largest church in Budapest. It also has a mummified right hand of St. Stephen. So, if you wish to see his hand. Once you go to the top of the church, you will get a stunning 360-degree view of the city, which is not to be missed.

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Andrassy Avenue

Again, this tree-lined grand boulevard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Connecting Opera House and City Park, this avenue is situated by Budapest’s most expensive real estate.

Ecseri Flea Market

One of the biggest flea markets in Central Europe, it has everything you would have ever wanted to buy. Though it is around 40 minutes outside of the city, it is easily accessible through public transport. If you are looking to take some souvenirs back home, you must shop from here.

Margaret Island

In the middle of Danube, this 2.5km long island has become a popular recreational spot for locals and tourists alike. It has an extremely pretty landscape, so you must pay it a visit to get some relaxing time apart from your touristy routine.


This is one thing we love to add in our guides, especially for budgeted travelers. A walking tour is always the best way to go around the city and get access to everything from a local’s perspective. It also gives you an idea of which places you would want to go to and come back later.

Keep in mind that if you need specialized information and a guided tour, you will have to pay for that.

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