Cenote Suytun Valladolid, Mexico – Travelers Guide 2021

Cenote Suytun Valladolid, Mexico – Travelers Guide

Cenote Suytun is the insta-famous, insta-popular cenote everyone wants to take a picture at. More than that, if you are a traveler, I am sure you must want to visit this most breath-taking cenote in the world at least once in your life. To those who don’t know, Cenote is a land that falls below like a sinkhole. Most of the wondrous cenotes in the world have water and fish inside them.

Cenote Suytun Valladolid, Mexico – Travelers Guide 2021

Cenote Suytun is popular because it is a cave. It only has one spark of light coming from the middle, which gives it an almost unearthly feel. Having said that, I am sure you got an idea of how beautiful it is and that is why you should visit it when in Mexico.

Where Is Cenote Suytun?

Cenote Suytun is outside the majestic town of Valladolid, Mexico. It is approximately a 15-minute drive from the town.

When To Visit Cenote Suytun?

Cenote Suytun is preferably the most welcoming during the drier seasons in Mexico. This means the best time will be between December and May. Other than that, you should reach as early as possible. As they say, at the first light. It gets pretty busy year-round because of its insta-worthiness hence if you want that perfect picture, reach among the first ones. If you want that beam of light to be prominent when you are taking pictures, then you should visit it around lunchtime. But be ready for excessive people all vying for the same spot.

Those who will visit Cenote Suytun from Cancun, Tulum, or Playa Del Carmen should know that it will take at least an hour’s drive to reach there. Hence, if you are in the race of any of the above times for the picture, you must plan the trip accordingly. Ideally, along with pictures, you can spend an hour here. More or less, depends on your personal choice.

How To Reach Cenote Suytun?

Cenote Suytun Valladolid, Mexico – Travelers Guide 2021

Obviously, if you are planning the trip you need to arrange your transport as well so you can reach at the intended time. Now how you can reach it would depend on where you are staying exactly but this guide below will make the arrangements easier for you:


Now, you know, this is the nearest. This wonderful little down is only a few hours’ drive away from Cancun where all the travelers visit and stay during their Mexico trip. A lot of people do a day excursion to Cenote Suytun when visiting Valladolid.

The best way to get to the Cenote from Valladolid will be renting a moped. The per-hour rent of a moped will be different but it mostly amounts to around $20 for a day. You can get more information to rent from your hotel. It is only a 15-minute drive so you can take the moped to some other places near Cenote Suytun as well.

The other option would be to take a taxi if you don’t know how to drive or do not want to drive. The taxi won’t cost a lot since the distance isn’t exactly far away.

Cancun to Cenote Suytun

Cancun is generally the first place people land when they visit Mexico. Even if you didn’t land here, I am sure it must be a part of your itinerary. From Cancun, you can take the ADO bus to Valladolid. It costs around $4. Once you reach Valladolid, you can take a private taxi to reach Cenote Suytun. You don’t have to book the tickets in advance because it isn’t possible for those who do not have a Mexican credit card and secondly, the buses leave regularly, so you won’t run out of seats.

You can also take a bus back to Cancun from the same bus stop if you aren’t planning to stay the night. Lastly, you can also take a planned tour to Cenote Suytun with a recognized tour agency if you want to take the planning out of your traveling. They will have some other stops like Chichen Itza as well.

Playa Del Carmen to Cenote Suytun

Situated around 1 hour 50 minutes from Valladolid and 1 hour from Cancun, Playa del Carmen is another famous place people the Cenote Suytun from. If you are not opting for a proper tour, you can get to the Cenote from Playa del carmen via bus. You can find the ADO bus from Playa to reach here. The price will be the same as in Cancun. You can also come back the same way you go. You can also go via taxi, but the taxis in this region are pretty expensive and will cost you a good amount. Hence, going via the bus is the best option.

Tulum to Cenote Suytun

Tulum is one of the most popular coastal towns in Mexico. It is, in fact, the closest coastal town to Cenote Suytun. It will take you around an hour and 20 minutes to reach your destination from Tulum. Apart from an organized tour, you can take a bus or taxi to reach the Cenote. However, I won’t recommend a taxi because they are private and not government-funded firms and will almost rob you of a good budget. Hence, you know the drill by now. Take a bus from the ADO bus and reach your destination with peace and on a minimum budget.

Where To Get The Best Pictures?

Here comes the main question, right? You are planning a trip to look at the beauty, but I am sure taking a picture to flaunt is also one of the main goals. So, I am going to rescue you here as well. First things first, know that a normal phone that doesn’t have a night mode or doesn’t work well in dark won’t be the right choice. You won’t get a clear picture. However, if you have the two sorted then it would be perfect for you. Moreover, if you a DSLR there is nothing better than that to pack for this trip. You can also take raw pictures and later work on them to increase the brightness or any other thing that can give your pictures the final touches.

Coming to where to take the pictures, it is evident that the central spot is the best one. Try to take your picture there regardless of the time. If the light beam is shining upon you, it would be almost magical. Other than that, you can take your pictures on the stairs with a complete view of the water and the ledge. You can also go and sit on the bench on the other side as it offers a pretty view of the camera as well.

The only thing you must keep in mind that there are a lot of people like you who want to take a picture at that perfect spot especially on the platform. Do not take a lot of time and be prepared to just snap and go when there are a lot of people waiting to get their pictures clicked. You are also allowed to swim here and are given a life jacket as well, so have a ball of the time doing that while taking pictures of yourself in the crystal blue water too.

Visit The Secret Cenote

Suytun doesn’t only have a cenote, so please do not leave the area without visiting the two. There is another secret Cenote not as evident as the first one that is viral because of its insta worthiness. This cenote is at the left of where you pay for your tickets. You can simply ask the counter guy to point you towards the direction you should be going in because it would be easier that way for you to reach.

This cenote is underground so you will have to climb to the bottom. It is a large cenote surrounded by majestic greenery everywhere you see. You are not allowed to swim here because the platform is a bit above and you will have to jump. Be cautious of the biting flies. They get stuck in your hair and bite as well. Nothing major, and not terrifying you as well.

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