Backpacking Guide Brussels 2020


Backpacking through Europe with no Money


Europe is that one continent everyone across the world wants to travel to. But it does require you to have a good amount of money in your pocket. Alas, every one of us does not have. Like always, what am I here for?

If you are totally broke and want to travel across Europe, don’t worry, I have brought a few hacks for you.

Travel at the right time

Traveling offseason is always a winner. The fares, hostels, hotels, and everything else is way cheaper than you can imagine. Hence, your broke self can benefit a lot while traveling at times the other people don’t.

Use alternative accommodation

It isn’t necessary, you stay at lavish accommodation. When you are out of money, you can look for alternative accommodations. Couchsurfing, Campinmygarden, and Nightswapping are some of the portals through which you can get yourself a camping space, couch or anything similar for free. Do check them out.

Travel while sleeping

We all know traveling and accommodation are the biggest costs we incur. However, if you are a little clever and instead of booking the room for an entire day, you can just keep your bags somewhere in a secure, sightsee, and by the night you can travel while you sleep. You won’t be bored the entire journey and won’t have to pay extra too.

Visit the right places

It isn’t a pre-requisite that you visit Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower, Vienna, etc. They aren’t the only places that make Europe. The lesser-known places like Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria are equally beautiful and cheaper than you can ever imagine. Stop following the hype and try visiting new places, which are much better.

Get a pass

Doesn’t matter if it is a museum or Eurail pass, get a pass! Especially for transportation, having a pass will help you save a lot of money on traveling to multiple cities or countries. Since, depending on how many places you want to go to, get yourself a pass. InterFlix is the best for budget traveling across cities and countries in Europe on the bus.

These were just some of the ways through which you can travel to Europe without worrying about the money in your bank account. With the right attitude and right planning, you will definitely be able to visit this beautiful continent without spending everything you own.



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