Best General Practitioners (GPs); Doctors in the Netherlands


Maintaining good health is undoubtedly an essential basic need of life. To secure a healthy life, one must have access to a doctor for routine check-ups. If you’re living in the Netherlands, then keep reading this as we’re going to discuss all the relevant information you should know about the general practitioners and doctors in the Netherlands. Let’s get into the details by moving forward.

Role of General Practitioners

General Practitioners play an integral role in the lives of the Netherlands citizens as all health concerns can be easily managed under their care. He can be a valuable resource if you need mental or health advice.

Concerning any chronic disease management, he will also guide you accordingly. If your child gets sick instantly, you may ask them for medical support. In this way, you must need a GP with whom you are registered to call for help in any emergency.

How to Approach a GP in the Netherlands?

doctors in the Netherlands

You can find a GP on ZorgkaartNederland if you are looking for one. Your Gemeentehuis (town/city hall) can also provide you with a Gemeentegids containing information about doctors, sports groups, daycare, etc., including a list of local general practitioners.

A listing in the Yellow Pages (Gouden Gids) under Artsen – Huisartsen will help you find GPs or doctors in the Netherlands nearby.

Different Ways of an Appointment With a GP

Some of the following options can be availed for an appointment with your GP:

  • You can get an appointment time with your GP via phone call.
  • You can also use the E-consultation option with your GP to get an appointment. 
  • Some GPs have Walk-in Consultation Hours when you can contact them without an appointment and ask your queries without hassle.
  • Home visits can also be an option if you have any emergency medical needs and you can’t go there.

If Your GP is Unavailable, What Should You Do?

  • Emergency Dokterdienst

If your GP is not available, then he may refer you to another doctor that will be available for you as an alternative option. The automatic answering machine tracks your location and provides you with the nearby doctors whose services are available so you can go towards them. 

  • Huisartsenpost

doctors in the Netherlands

Another option available for you in the unavailability of your GP is to call your local huisartsenpost. Discuss your need with him, and he’ll guide you on whether you should go for an emergency in a hospital or wait for your doctor to return from his vacation.