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Top 6 Websites to plan your travel in 2021

Are you planning to travel in 2020? Here is a list of websites you should visit to plan your upcoming trip.

Although there are hundreds of websites out there offering the cheapest travel deals no one can predict which one is good and which one not. However, after having experience through some of the very good sites, here we have elaborated about how these can let you have cheap travel.

Generally, if we have a look, there are so many websites for traveling claiming to offer the best and the affordable but each site provides different features, strengths, and weaknesses. So I have decided to share my pick list if for you in case you are planing your travel in 2020. It is important to research through each of these when looking for travel to get the best deals. So if you want to enjoy quality travel while being kind to your pocket, here are some of the top sites to make you get cheap travel:



Travelsites.com is the ultimate one-stop shop for any and everything related to travel. Although, like Reddit, you won’t be booking any flights or hotel rooms directly from this site, it is an invaluable and comprehensive list of the top travel websites. Expert travelers swear by it, and for good reason! With an extremely intuitive, clean, and user-friendly interface, never before has it been easier to browse readymade lists of only the top travel websites – you won’t find anything but the best here.


Even if all that TravelSites had to offer was its categorized lists of hundreds of the best travel sites on the web, it would be an excellent resource for finding the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. TravelSites.com, though, goes above and beyond. Not only can you quickly browse all the top travel websites here, but each site comes with an in-depth review outlining its pros and cons. Why waste time trying to figure out if a travel website is worth browsing when Travelsites.com has already done it for you?


Oh, and did I mention that this massive reviews index of the top travel websites is both 100% free to use and free of ads? You’d be hard pressed to find a better site when it comes time to travel in 2020.



The first and the top of the list website is Skyscanner. This site allows you to research and book travel, including flights, hotel and hire a car. The site is a search engine of all the biggest travel sites out there. By searching Skyscanner, it saves your time to search other sites individually.

Skyscanner offers some great features for travelers. An amazing feature is the world map option. Simply add up your city of departure, the month you want to travel and the site gives you the cheapest prices anywhere in the world for that month. It makes it convenient for you to plan accordingly specifically in terms of the budget without losing any time. Their deals are very good to avail of and cheap in rates as well.

Through this site, you can also search all of the airlines, at least in Australia. This feature isn’t offered by every other site, which is handy to not have to check the budget airlines directly. Skyscanner is always the first go-to site when booking flights.



Expedia is my favorite website for bundling packages together. The website has flights and hotel options, allowing you to save money by booking all on Expedia. Like Skyscanner, you can book flights, hotels, and cars on Expedia. They also offer experiences like cruises and holiday rentals for bookings.

The shortcoming of Expedia is the lack of some airlines, particularly budget airlines. As Expedia works on a commission for taking bookings, this does not fit into budget airline business models. It is worth checking the airlines directly to see if there are better deals around. However, if you are planning to travel on non-budget airlines, Expedia will serve you well.




If you are looking just for a hotel, then Booking.com is your go-to site. Featuring over 24 million hotels and properties, you are going to find somewhere to stay on this site at affordable rates.

Booking.com offers free cancellation on the majority of their bookings which is a very friendly feature. For whatever you want to have while traveling anywhere and to find a suitable spot for your stay, Booking.com is a really good choice of site and that’s the reason for it to have around 100 million reviews in positive by the travelers who avail the services through this site.

Booking.com is one of the most popular travel search engines and has the biggest directory of accommodation on the internet. It is worthwhile to spend the time searching through the site for a cheap deal. They will also be coming up with more deals regarding travel in 2020.

Top Travel Websites

Google Flights


Did you know that Google has a flight search engine? I have asked about it to several people and none of them had an idea about it. Well… it is so surprising. Booking trips and then explore everything relevant to the travel are the big features of Google Flights.

You can search for the flights and hotels at the cheapest price as well as you can give the search a date range and mention the city of departure which will be leading you to find somewhere amazing to go. If it’s interesting and something adventurous to explore for you, try the “I’m feeling lucky” button which Google is well known for, it’s also in Flights.

Google Flights is so fast in browsing, has a calendar-based fare view and multiple airports-based searches so it is worth spending the time crawling through and searching for flights. You might be surprised by the amazing options you will find there.

Booking Direct


Sometimes the best price isn’t through a search engine; rather it’s going directly to the source. Booking direct is sometimes cheaper than the other travel websites, even if the airline or hotel is quoted.

While browsing through Booking Direct, you have more flexibility with airlines and hotels as you can pursue with direct booking. There can be a little bit of the difference of charges or that the other sites might be offering better deals than this direct booking deal but it is not a bad option to get cheap travel. This is a great way to get the same price while maintaining the perks of booking direct. Research is a very important part when booking for travel. Check every website, every airline, and hotel directly before booking.



Though Reddit isn’t a direct booking website, the Reddit community is great for learning and building knowledge for traveling around. There are many subreddits dedicated to traveling cheap, traveling solo, finding travel partners, and any subject you can think of.

There are thousands of different communities, with people willing to help each other in finding the best deals and having amazing experiences. There is no website like Reddit and it’s worth checking out.

It is such a platform where you can find the best of the deals with some authentic reviews by the travelers are experience while letting you decide the best after reviewing different options. Moreover, you can easily book your flights, stay places and avail any of the special deals with some amazing experiences included in the packages. All you need to do is, go through this site in detail and explore it in-depth to get the best out of it. So reddit could be your favorite forum to plan your travel in 2020

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