Prague Travel Guide for 2020, Explore Prague in less than $50 per day



Are you looking for a budget guide? Here is my Prague Travel Guide 2020 for those who are adventurous want to backpack through Europe. The moment you step a foot in Prague, you just know you have stepped inside a fairytale. The city has no hint of pretention and is raw beauty. The narrow, winding streets, the history, and the preserved antiquity define Prague. To say that the city like this one is rare around the world won’t be an overstatement. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a reason. A mix of modern architecture and the remnants of the old town are enough to make you walk and walk till you get lost.

Now that I am done with the poetical representation of this majestic city, let’s get to business. It is quite clear that Prague – the capital of the Czech Republic is full of history, food, fun and all of that too at a reasonable price. However, I want to warn you that with the rise in tourism, the prices have started to hike up. Before they went out of the budget, now is the time you start planning your trip to Prague. If not for the price, go for the sake of the happening nightlife.

I know I have you intrigued enough, so you might have started to ponder over going to Prague for your next vacation. Worry not, because I have prepared an entire Travel Guide to help you. What’s more, is this guide is for all those people who are planning a budgeted trip.

Travel Guide Prague
Beautiful views of the historic city of Prague



  • Duration for Your Prague Trip
  • Typical Budget Required
  • The Good, The Bad & The In-betweens
  • Where to Stay?
  • How to Go Around?
  • What To Eat & Drink?
  • Nightlife
  • Some Additional Tips


Backpacking Guide Prague 2020
Prague city skyline and Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The charm of the many European cities is that they can be easily covered within a few days. And like all the other cities, Prague only requires you to take three or four days to get an in-depth experience. However, if you are short on time, you can easily see all the city highlights and touristy places within two days. In case, you do have a few extra days on hand, some magical, less-known places can be covered through one-day trips.

Coming to when is the ideal time to visit Prague, it generally gets hot around the summers. From May to September, the average temperature is around 70, so I expect you wouldn’t want to be boiled on your vacation. One thing you should know is, regardless of the weather, the tourists are at their peak in June till August months, so you should plan your trip either early May or late September. You won’t run into hordes of tourists and the weather will be pleasant as well.

Do keep in your mind that just like the summers, winters are harsh in the city as well. But Christmas is also one of the best times in Prague because the entire city lights up in the mood of celebration and who wouldn’t love that?

TYPICAL BUDGET REQUIRED for a budget trip to Prague

Prague offers you a lot of value in a decent budget. Though it wouldn’t hurt us to agree that only a few years ago, this city was considerably cheap and affordable, it is still better than a lot of other European cities that leave a hole in your pocket. Do you know what’s the cheapest thing you can get? A good quality beer. Duh! That goes without asking.

Coming to the actual budget you should have with you; I suggest you have anything from $25 to $50 per day if you are on a backpacker’s budget. Keep in mind you can easily spend much more than this and might be able to swing by a few dollars less than this one, but this is seemingly an ideal budget to be on the safe side.

Must Read, Top places and things to do in Prague 2020


No place in the world is perfect and I want you all to visit the place with the full knowledge of what you should and should not expect whenever you are planning the trip. You will easily find people going gaga over Prague, but that does not mean the city does not have its drawbacks.

Let’s take a look at them now:

Prague old town 2020

What You’ll Like About Prague while you are traveling through Europe

Beer – I have already told you, if you need some good quality beer in astonishing rates, Prague is your place to go. A very few people know, before visiting Prague, that the pilsner beer was invented in the Czech Republic. This is the reason, it can be found in abundance, so why not you treat yourself with it? Want to know a fun fact? Czech people drink the most beer per person across the world. So, I am sure, there is something special about it. Don’t forget to try and find out yourself.

Architecture – Goes without saying that strolling across Prague will be an absolute delight. It still has the old-world charm, because most of the city has architecture dating back to hundreds of years. You completely feel transported to some other land and that is something not to be missed.

Nightlife – Took a trip to Prague to get out of your monotonous, boring life? Well, you are in for a treat. Prague has the best nightlife in Europe and I am sure, you will dance the night away without even knowing.

Food – Czech food is a treat for the belly. You might end up with a few extra pounds, but lots and lots of meat and potatoes in every food are sumptuous.

What You Might Not Like About Prague while backpacking

Scammers & Pickpockets – You must be extra vigilant in Prague. Put your Sherlock hat on, when in the city because Prague is famous for taxi drivers who scam people. Just make sure you are using legal taxis, owned by the government. The solution here is to let your hotel or hostel call in a cab for you and check the meter when you pay, though some have crooked meters that still overcharge. Moreover, be aware of the pickpockets, as they are the master of their trade and you wouldn’t even know how they took the money out from your bag.

Overcrowded – Even if you are going in less-crowded months, Prague will always have tourists. You might get disappointed with the sight of the city center, filled with tourists from all over the world. I recommend you do not allow the crowd to shatter your motivation and get as much out of Prague as you can.

Cheap, but not so! – While Prague is cheap when compared to Western Europe, it isn’t as cheap as the Eastern counterpart. The prices are rapidly rising, so they might not be as high right now, but you can expect them to shoot up shortly. Don’t worry, you can still find cheap hostels and food.



One of the things I love about Prague is its abundance of decent and affordable hostels. You should at least have a budget of $9 – $25 for one night per person. In this budget, you will get a decent place to crash. I suggest you keep in mind that many hostels raise their prices during the holiday season or over the weekends, so plan accordingly. You will be able to find several hostels to choose from at the Hostel World. Another tip: there are some hostels in Prague that have a reputation of being ‘party hostels’, so make sure you read the reviews thoroughly before making the booking. In case you do not want to opt for a hostel, a private room will cost you anything between $40 – $70.

If you ask me, I prefer booking before time and I use the Hostel world for my bookings. I have already mentioned the best 6 websites for travel and you could go there and check it out as well. For the Prague Travel guide 2020, I would say that the Pro trip is to stay near the old town because all the activities are in the old town so if you get a room in the old town, you would save the bus or train fare.

Prague sky-view 2020


Most of the European cities are compact, hence you do not have to look around for transportation a lot. You will find yourself walking to most of the places, so use public transportation if and when the need be. The city has a good network of subways, trams and, buses. They are super affordable. Make sure you check you validate your ticket before getting on to the ride because the police in the plainclothes check the tickets often.

You will have to buy the same ticket for the above-mentioned forms of transportation. The charges from a 30-minute ticket are $1, a 90-minute ticket costs $1.35, a 24-hour pass is for 4.65 and finally, a three-day pass will be for 13.20. You can get the ticket for a bus plus subway to and from the airport for $2.76. On the other hand, a private taxi will be $22 and above.

But again, the old town is not that big so one could easily explore it on foot. I have traveled every inch of Prague (old town) on foot and loved exploring the town. Prague is one of my favorites in Europe. I have been to Prague thrice and will definitely visit it again.


Prague has a lot of students, which means you get a lot of eateries for cheap. So, if you are a broke traveler, this is one less thing to worry about. Most of the Prague restaurants have a discounted lunch menu on weekdays between 11 am to 2 pm. Pro tip: The menu is always in Czech, so make sure you ask the staff for the “Denni menu, prosim.”

The beer gardens have a lot of options, Letna Park offers good food with great views. As for the beers, there are a great number of bars dedicated to the student population only, so you get a half-liter glass of beer for only $1 – $2.

There are a lot of Turkish food shops which are pretty cheap so once you could easily get food from there or ideally if you are on a budget, you should get stuff from the superstore and cook it in Hostel. You need $15 to $25 for good meals depending upon your choices in Prague.



Prague Night Life

is one of the bests in the world and it is famous to attract a lot of people who are the lives of the parties, especially students. The city has dive bars, beer gardens, pubs, and the kind of nightclubs you will have never been to before.

The alcohol beverages are reasonable as well, so you won’t be breaking the bank to have a nice glass of beer or wine.



Here are some additional tips for Prague Travel guide 2020

  • Try to avoid getting a taxi on the street as they might scam you. It is better to call an Uber or Lift Go in advance
  • Prague is generally safe, but make sure you keep your belongings super safe and close to you at all times, as one can never be sure about pickpockets that lurk around
  • Wenceslas Square is popular, but it isn’t a place you would want to stay after night because of strip clubs, prostitute and pimps. It isn’t unsafe, but you would have to be cautious due to these activities in the area, as they might make you uncomfortable
  • If you are going to Prague and not going to an Opera, you might be making the wrong choice. So, consider spending money on it, if you have. These were the major things I think you must know about Prague and keep in mind before you plan your vacation. Now that you have your basics covered, why don’t you start booking your flights after reading the amazing Prague Travel Guide 2020