Travel Budapest Under $100 – Budapest Travel Guide

Budapest is called ‘Paris of the East’ for all the right reasons. It is a perfect mix of Eastern and Western Europe. The beautiful city is a mix of architecture, landscape and nature’s magnificence. The boulevards, streets, and the remnants of the communist era are somethings you would want to experience at least once in your life. As with the other European cities, you don’t have to worry about Budapest being super expensive, as you can easily cut a few ends and do Budapest under $100 a day.

So, let’s get to that!



Even though we are doing this guide for a day, but if you want to live like a Hungarian, spend three days in this magnificent city. April till May are the best months to visit the city, as the weather is nice and the city isn’t overflowing with tourists.


Budapest has a lot of affordable hostels, so you won’t have to find an accommodation that fits your budget. You can easily find a hostel for as low as $9. Otherwise, you can always opt for Couchsurfing to save money.

Transportation in Budapest

Budapest’s transportation network is one of the finest and the cheapest in the world. You can get a single tram ticket for $1.30, a book of 10 tickets for $11 or an unlimited day pass for $6.15. To and from the airport will cost you $1.50 only. Download the SmartCity Public Transportation App for your ease and convenience.

Food & Drinks

Budapest has almost all sorts of delicious food from around the world and the typical Hungarian food is palpable as well. Do try the local famous Porkolt (Paprika Sauce with Meat Stew), Gulyasleves (Meat and Vegetables with Goulash Soup) and Kolbice (Grilled Kolbasz sausages in a wheat-bread cone). You will easily be able to find yummy lunch for as cheap as $5 and a dinner for under $10. The coffee is popular and cheap too, so include that in the meal as well.

The alcohol is cheap and you will be able to find it easily, so we don’t have to guide you here. Do visit the Ruin Pubs, which are built on the actual ruins of World War II.


You will have a decent budget left to sightsee the paid sights as well, but start your morning with a free walking tour to see the city holistically. We suggest you save your money and go to the famous thermal bathhouses dating back to Roman times. It will be an extremely relaxing experience.

Otherwise, you can go to Danube Promenade (UNESCO World Heritage Site), visit the Great Synagogue (world’s second-largest synagogue), the House of Terror, Castle Hill, Hungarian Parliament from the outside, Great Market Hall, Heroes’ Square, Andrassy Avenue, City Park, and Memento Park among others.

Budapest can easily be covered under a budget of $100 a day. This city is every bit worth your money, time and efforts to look and explore around. So, make sure it is one of your stops on a Euro trip. So follow our Bratislava Travel guide and have fun.

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