Amsterdam on a Budget: A Backpacker’s Guide to the City

Amsterdam on a budget

There are many things to see and do in Amsterdam, including coffee shops, canals, houseboats, historic architecture, and the Red Light District. As one of Europe’s top tourist destinations, it has recently gained much popularity.

Despite Amsterdam’s Red Light District, travellers have discovered that there is much more to the city than meets the eye. Numerous art museums, parks, charming outdoor cafes, lots of history, and a love of living can be found here. World-class beauty abounds in this city. When the weather is lovely, there’s nothing better than cruising around the canals or reading a book in Vondelpark!


Amsterdam is often regarded as an expensive destination in Europe, but that can be different, as we will tell you some tips for visiting Amsterdam on a budget. Dive in to have a backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam.

What’s the Best Time to Plan a Trip to Amsterdam?

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest month to explore Amsterdam in June is from London. 

The “cheapest month” search tool on Skyscanner can help you find the best time for your trip, regardless of your destination! If you can be flexible about your city break dates. 


A typical Amsterdam flight costs around £80, which is reasonable considering the benefits of visiting this fantastic land.

Best Places to Stay in Amsterdam on a Cheap Trip


In Amsterdam, there are many great budget accommodations to choose from, such as:

  • Rembrandt Square Hotel
  • ‍Rho Hotel
  • Old City Amsterdam Bed And Breakfast
  • Roni Apartment


“ It’s impossible to plan an affordable tour to Amsterdam.” If you’ve also heard these discussions, reading this Amsterdam Travel guide will help you realize there is so much to do while staying within your budget.

Amsterdam on a budget

We have searched the above-suggested accommodation places and concluded that all are good enough to live in without any hassle. They all offer comfortable and friendly rooms with excellent staff.

As well as that, they also have bars and clubs that are open all night. If you are sensitive to the smell of marijuana, choose the highest floor to get rid of the smell of weed all-time in the rooms.

Visiting Places in Amsterdam You Can Do on A Budget

Amsterdam on a budget

  • Take a canal tour to refresh yourself. The boat tours and relaxing ambience will fill your soul with energy.
  • If you prefer to avoid massive amounts of tourists and enjoy the best leisure, experience the Jordaan.
  • Visit Vondelpark to make your best day in Amsterdam. The sports playground there is also notable.
  • History lovers should spend some time exploring the incredible treasures of the past at Anne Frank House, which is an ancient museum.