Antalya Travel Guide 2022 for Solo travelers

Antalya Travel Guide For Beginners

Turkey is known for its rich heritage culture and artistic beauty. The natural and architectural beauty provides a picture-perfect holiday destination for travellers. As people are heavily moving towards Turkey for their vacations, they have a rapidly growing attention towards Antalya for the heavenly beaches. Antalya has everything to offer to you so here we have the Antalya Travel guide for you.

Time And Duration To Visit Antalya

The best time of the year to visit Antalya is in April or in September-October. April is the month when the weather is pleasantly warm to enjoy the calmness of the beaches. You can simply enjoy your suntan without having a sunburn. September and October are also fine because the weather is mild and cold so you can let the sea waves touch your toes and sea breezes could whisper the words of silence in your ears. You can stay in Antalya for 4 days maximum during these seasons.

Expected Budget Of Antalya Travel Guide

Antalya is not an expensive destination to visit. If you are low on budget, you can go on at least 100 Lira or $20 per day. If you want to keep your visit just for the sake of visiting rather than spending your time in expensive restaurants or hotels, the given budget is enough.

In Antalya, you can find hotels or eatery spots at all budget levels at your disposal. You also get an advantage in Antalya that you can either pay in Lira, Dollar, or Euro.


Kaleci is the best town in the City where you can find the cheapest accommodations in Antalya. If you try to book your tickets in advance, you can also get discounts and cheaper rates for as low as $10 a day.


Even travelling does not cost you much. You do not need to hire private transport. However, you can have $0.5 per day for travelling long distances. The town of Antalya offers similar public transport facilities to Istanbul. You can visit destinations using trams, metros, trains, or buses.

If you are not much of a public transport traveller, you can rent a car to move out of the station.

What To Eat?

Antalya Travel Guide and not mentioning Turkish food is a big no. Like all other places in Turkey, you can get the best Turkish food in Antalya as well. Like all other facilities like travel and accommodation, food is also cheap here.

You can get street food or eat at roadside cafes rather than going to expensive eateries. Have a budget of 10 to 30 Lira or $5 to spend on food.

Places To Visit In Antalya

Antalya has everything that you ever dreamt of. You can get the calmness of beaches, historic towns, and natural scenic beauty at one place. So, if you are visiting Antalya, here’s where you should go.

The Old Town- Kaleci

Kaleci means ‘inner castle’. It helps the tourists to roam around the town and explore the charm of the historical buildings. You get cheap accommodations here. You must visit Hadrian Gate to understand the glorifying history of Turkey.

Duden Waterfalls

Get a sight of majestic views at Duden Waterfalls that are made from the recycled station water… Tourists enjoy a magnificent and refreshing walk down the spiral staircase into the cave. You can also enjoy boating at Duden waterfalls.

Antalya Museum

Antalya Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Turkey with an open-air gallery and 13 exhibition halls. It holds around 5000 antique pieces dating back millions of years. Unlike most other museums, you can take pictures inside.

The Old Roman Harbor

You can visit this ancient spot through yachts and small boats. Along with going boating, you can also enjoy the sight of the harbour.

Antalya Aquarium

Another reason you must visit Antalya is the largest underwater aquarium in the whole world. You can fill your heart with awe at the sight of amazingly beautiful marine life.

Saat Kulesi

It is a square shaped old clock tower from the 19th century. The old historic building provides the marvelous sight.

Antalya Bazar

If you want to take some souvenirs back home from Antalya, have a visit to Antalya Bazar. Here you will get the most attractive traditional jewellery and art pieces.

Panoramic Elevator of Antalya

It is a modern creation in Antalya that gives you a perfect view of the harbour of Republic Square. You can also get a shortcut to the harbour and back to the elevator.