Complete San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Travel Guide

San Juan Del Sur is a resort in Nicaragua popular for surfing on the coast. If you are someone who loves the sea and want to relax by it all the while having fun, this is your place to go to. The beautiful water, yoga by it, and endless options to surf are all going to surprise you.

If you are enticed enough to know more about San Juan Del Sur, continue reading because I am going to help you plan what all to do here with ease:

When To Visit San Juan Del Sur?

Complete San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Travel Guide For 2021

The best time to visit San Juan Del Sur is from November to April. This is the most pleasant time as the weather is warm, dry, and pleasant. Otherwise, you can go at any time if your goal is surfing, because it is almost available throughout the year.

How Long To Stay?

This totally depends on your plans and what do you intend to do. If you are going on a yoga retreat that would be generally around 1 to 2 weeks. If you are going to a surf camp in Nicaragua, it would be the same as well. Otherwise, if you are a backpacker or someone on a budget who wants to get the best out of the experience without spending too much then 3-4 complete days and nights would be the best.

Recommended Budget For San Jual Del Sur

This place is cheap similar to the rest of Nicaragua. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the money you will be spending a lot. The beach restaurants are a bit expensive but everything else is super cheap. You can even get double rooms without paying too much. San Juan Del Sur is every budget traveler’s dream come true. You can swing by a day here for as low as $20 even lower if you stay in a hostel. How high you go depends on what you do and if you wish to splurge.

How To Reach San Juan Del Sur?

Reaching the coastal town is neither difficult nor cheap. There are different ways to get there depending on where in the country are you coming from. If you are coming from Leon, you can get a shuttle bus. It will take nearly 8 hours and will charge $20 per person. The ride will be comfortable and cheap as well.

If you are heading from Costa Rica or Ometepe, you can easily get a bus or a cheap taxi from Rivas. You can also stop at scenic places in-between to just get fresh air, make the most out of the view, and enjoy local food.

How To Get Around?

Complete San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Travel Guide For 2021

The surfing beaches in San Juan Del Sur are all outside the central area. You can get there by shuttle or taxi. The minimum requirement for the shuttles to operate is three people, so if you don’t have anyone else, there is no need to worry as there are a lot of tour agencies spread there operating these shuttles and they get regular tourists coming who you can share the shuttle with.

You can also get a taxi, but you will have to negotiate a price. The best way here will be to split the taxi bill with some other interested people because you will not only go comfortably but it will be cheaper than the shuttle.

Things To See & Do In San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua

Now coming to why you are going to visit this picturesque place. Let me tell you all the things you can see and do in the majestic San Juan Del Sur and make the most out of your time:

Learn Surfing

San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Guide

Yes, what else? You are in Nicaragua and you won’t learn surfing from a surf camp. That should not be allowed to happen. It is one of the best places in the world to learn to surf. You can choose a hotel that provides surfing lessons and equipment or ask yours to arrange for you. They are cheap, so you don’t have to worry about the price.

You should have at least 10 days to learn to surf properly. If you don’t want to learn surfing from a camp, you can go to the beach and get the surfboard alongside individual daily lessons as well. The board will cost you $10 a day whereas the lesson will be $20.

Ride A Horse On The Beach

Yes, just sit on the back of the horse and enjoy a leisurely stroll across the beach. You will love it, especially during the sunset hours. You can also join organized horseback riding tours to the beaches that are isolated, majestic, and even more beautiful.

You should join these guided tours, as they are almost available at all times of the day. They charge $65 per person and last for around 5 hours. If you are with a partner, this can be a very romantic and soulful experience.

Join A Yoga Retreat At San Juan Del Sur

San Juan Del Sur is the best place for you to relax and shed the worries and tiredness away. The blue skies meet the blue seas and totally take your breath away. Cherry on top, it is often uncrowded so you can have the perfect relaxing time with a yoga retreat.

If you don’t want to join a proper retreat, you can join individual yoga sessions at your hotel as well. You can also pair surf and yoga treats and believe me that would be the best time of your life.

Visit The Chocolate Café

This place is heaven for every chocolate lover out there. This Choco museum is going to ignite your sweet loving buds. You can also join a workshop on making chocolate to eating it. It is generally for around 2 hours and runs at multiple slots in a day.

At the end of these workshops, you can buy a lot of chocolates for your family and take some home for yourself too.

Visit The Christ Of The Mercy

San Juan Del Sur 2021 Guide

Walk to the Christ of the Mercy and get to see some of the best views of San Juan Del Sur. Do the walk before the sunset so you can reach it by the time the sun is setting because it will steal your breath away. The entrance to the Jesus statue is $2 only. Just cross the drawbridge on the beach and follow the signs towards Malibu. You will easily reach here.

Ride On A Catamaran

If you are at the beach, there will be many operators and advertisers of Catamaran rides. In my opinion, you should definitely do it because it is unique and one of the best things ever. The ride will include cocktails, drinks, and food for a day. The entire experience will cost you around $70. You will also be allowed to stop, jump out and swim or snorkel if you want. A complete full-day fun experience never to be forgotten. I can guarantee that.

Have Fun & Party In San Juan Del Sur

Complete San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua Travel Guide For 2021

It goes without saying that you should have maximum fun while partying and sipping cocktails on the beach. That’s a whole another level of experience. Every Sunday there is a massive pub crawl where all the backpackers join to hop the bars through the day. You can also join that.

You can also have your fun while joining pool parties, meet new people, and enjoy a drink for as cheap as $1 for tequila. If you are someone who enjoys their me-time, then just dip your feet in the sea and sip some of the best cocktails the region has to offer.