backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

Explore Amsterdam Like a Local: Insider Tips from a Travel Guide

Explore Amsterdam

There is nothing more magical and beautiful than to live or stay lavishly in Amsterdam in Europe. A fascinating, historic city with a rich cultural heritage, Amsterdam deserves everyone’s appreciation despite its shady reputation. In case you have decided to explore Amsterdam, then read this article. We are going to share an Amsterdam travel guide from locals to make your experience more memorable and enjoyable here.

Explore Amsterdam on a Bike

explore Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, traveling by bike is the most popular form of transportation. Renting a bike and cruising around is the best way to experience local life here.

You can rent a bike for around €8-€10 from your accommodation or find a bike rental shop in the city, and with this, you can visit all the tourist attractions on foot.

Try the Best Sushi & Other Delicious Food Options

Explore Amsterdam

There are countless restaurants to choose from in Amsterdam. Among European cities, Amsterdam has the best sushi. You will find everything perfect you need for your foodie needs here. 

You must eat at these places during your stay in Amsterdam.

  • Pluk
  • Bam Boa
  • Bulls and Dogs
  • Mr. Stacks

Embark on a Day Trip at your Own Pace

To get a better sense of the country, venture to other cities in the Netherlands if you have time. In the Netherlands, you can ride the train and be in an entirely new city in 20 minutes since it is so small.

As Amsterdam is very touristy, going to a new city will allow you to experience Dutch beauty without the crowds. Being out of the city for a day will also rejuvenate you and make you feel more energetic.

Shop the Street Market for Awesome Stuff

Amsterdam travel guide

Amsterdam’s locals enjoy visiting street markets. Whether you want fresh local foods, handcrafted jewelry, flowers, or art, street markets are the perfect place to shop.

Markets are the perfect place for grabbing a bite since locals shop there for fresh meats, cheeses, and vegetables. You can also pick up fresh floral bouquets there.

There is always a buzz of activity at Amsterdam street markets, and a trip here will let you experience local life in the city. Albert Cups Market is Amsterdam’s most popular street market and it’s worth visiting once.