backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

From the Red Light District to the Rijksmuseum: A Backpacker’s Guide to Amsterdam Must-See Attractions

backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

In this backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam, we will discuss a beautiful city with many canals and waterways; Amsterdam is a lovely city. There are hundreds of museums in the “Venice of the North,” which is a “Regency of Museums.” In addition to its museums, the city has a vibrant culture that combines spicy temptations with ultra-sweet freedom.  

Red Light District Makes Your Amsterdam Tour Worthwhile

backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

Throughout the world, Amsterdam is famous for its openness and culture. Whether it is art or something else, whatever seems strange or alternative can be found here. There is no better place to visit than the famous red light district.

A fascinating and controversial place to visit in equal parts, Amsterdam’s Red Light District is a must-see, a surprise, and a safe place to visit to find out about the famous coffee shops, where various drugs are available for legal consumption, as well as the incredible red lights illuminated windows where prostitution is practised legally.

The Best Attraction in Amsterdam isn’t Just Beauty, it’s all Around

As you enter this beautiful land, you realize it is more than just beautiful. If you’re planning to go to Amsterdam, then don’t think it will be difficult for you to make your decision since it has all such things that make you want to come here.

Tourist accommodations, delicious food items, historical and cultural sites, and recreational spots, such as nightclubs and bars, are all at their best here. Besides its fresh and refreshing lakes and climate, this city offers much more that attracts more people.

Come and Discover the Wonders of the Rijksmuseum

backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

A museum of the Netherlands that traces the history of Dutch Golden Age art among more than 8,000 works, it is the best in the country. Rembrandt’s ‘Round by Night,’ Johannes Vermeer’s ‘The Milkmaid’, and Frans Hal’s’ ‘The Joyful Drinker’ are examples of remarkable paintings.

Getting the Amsterdam Pass or taking a guided tour, including the Amsterdam City Sightseeing Bus Tour, is the best way to see the Rijksmuseum, which attracts more than 2 million visitors a year.

Amsterdam’s Other Most Attractive Spots To Visit During Tour

backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

You’ll come back to thank us later for providing you with such amazing exposure to these fabulous Amsterdam visiting spots.

  • Canal and Canal Cruise
  • The Van Gogh Museum
  • Anne Frank’s House
  • Dutch Tulips
  • Dam Square
  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam

You can explore Amsterdam by visiting all these destinations. Hope you liked this Backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam. If you want to know more, you can check out the Amsterdam Travel guide.