The Essential Backpacker’s Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a charming city of the old brown age, filled with natural beauty, such as canals, bridges, art, and cycles. Before heading towards this city in the Netherlands, you should gain some insights into the things you should see and do there, so here is our guide to Amsterdam.

Here is a quick guide to help you plan a whole schedule for yourself while visiting Amsterdam. 

1. Rijksmuseum

An excursion to Amsterdam would only be complete with a stop at this museum. For sure, Rijksmuseum is every nerd traveller’s favourite spot. If you visit it, then sure to check out the:

  1. The Dolls’ House
  2. The Milkmaid
  3. The Night Watch
  4. Cuypers Library
  5. The Threatened Swan
  6. A Lot of paintings

2. Dam Square

There is a large area in Amsterdam called Dam Square where all paths lead and people gather. The Royal Palace and the War Memorial make it a significant place.

3. Canal Beauty

Where are the best canals in the city of canals? The Jordaan areas are worth seeing. This narrow area is home to many beautiful channels. The must-visit channels include:

  • Singel
  • Prinsengracht
  • Brouwersgracht
  • Herengracht
  • Singelgracht

4. Royal Palace

Growing up, I was exposed to much information about the royals and their lifestyle. While visiting the royal palace, you can experience a royal lifestyle and enjoy its beauty.

5. Pllek’s Sunset

Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset at Pllek while visiting Amsterdam. The scene is breathtaking and worth watching. In that restaurant, you can also enjoy different locations while eating.

6. Amsterdam’s Card

If you purchase this 48 hours card, you can visit all the museums, zoos, and canal cruises for just €65. You can also take advantage of discounts and deals in restaurants and parks.

7. Cycling

The number of bicycles in Amsterdam exceeds the number of people. Cycling in Amsterdam is a fantastic way to explore the beautiful city and explore the peaceful and clean biking paths.

8. Anne Frank House

When I see this place, I am reminded of when Anne Frank and her family lived in that house during World War 2. Visitors to the museum can see authentic quotations, documents, and pages from Anne Frank’s diary.