Things To Do For Cheap In Java, Indonesia

Best Things To Do In Java, Indonesia – Indonesia Travel guide

Java is an Indonesian island known for temples, beautiful scenery scattered everywhere, and gigantic volcanoes that will take your breath away. Just like most of Indonesia itself, it is super cheap and can cost you as low as $18 a day or maximum fun, eating whatever you want, and just having the time of your life. This is why, today, I have brought together some of the amazing places you can see or do in Java, Indonesia without breaking the bank and having the maximum fun imaginable.

Things You Should Do In Java, Indonesia To Have Fun!

Let’s move on to all the places you should be visiting in Java that I can guarantee you will never be able to forget:

Wander At Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Things To Do For Cheap In Java, Indonesia

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall is the most beautiful in Indonesia, which is filled with majestic waterfalls. So, you can guess how mesmerizing this one would be. I call it Insta-perfect because it is similar to the unrealistic ones you see on Insta, but this one is real. There is a sight of a volcano in the background, which you can see when there are no clouds.

You can take a 30-minute walk down to underneath the waterfall to witness the water in all its power. There are two different viewpoints to enjoy Tumpak Sewu. It is 2 hours away from Malang City, but you can easily get here.

Fields & Fields Of Tea In Bandung

Visit the tea fields in the highlights of Bandung. Going especially to watch tea fields might sound underwhelming but you will believe what I mean once you go there. The beautiful tea fields paired with the cool climate and walking trails spread throughout make the perfect relaxing picnic day. These fields are in the north of Bandung city, but you can easily go there through various mediums available.

Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour

Java, Indonesia Cheap Activities

If people who have been to Java had to rank one of the most amazing things they did, they will say Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour. If you want your breath to be taken away (in a good way, obviously), you should do it too. The sunrise looks unrealistic or to rightly put something straight out of a painting. You will have to leave early at night to reach there for the sunrise, but the route and the destination itself will be worth it.

Hint, hint! You will be climbing up an active volcano and peering into the crater for this experience. Yes, an active volcano! You can’t put into words the experience you are going to have.

The Floating Market In Lembang, Java

Yes, you heard it right. There is a floating market in Lembang as well, and it is a replica of the famous original floating market in Bangkok. The two solid points to this market go when you see there are a smaller number of tourists here and the food is far cheaper.

The small, super cute floating market has a lot of food options for the eater of every kind. Go with an empty stomach and try as much as you can, because a lot of different food in one place is going to be a truly new yet appetizing experience.

When In Java, Go Camping!

Camping in Java, Indonesia

There are awesome camping sites around Java. If you are an adventure lover (and even if you aren’t) choose one as per your liking and camp for a few nights. In all honestly, it isn’t going to be a tent in a forest kind of experience. Java offers full-blown glamping to travelers and tourists. You can stay in hobbit houses, pirate boats, log cabins, and the typical glamps. You name a thing, and the place will offer it.

All of these are deep in the forest with the amenities of your choice, so you will have a conventional camping experience but with the comfort, you are desiring.

Explore Asia’s Most Beautiful Temple – Prambanan Temple!

Indonesia is filled with a lot of temples just like most of the Asian countries surrounding it. But Prambanan Temple is undoubtedly the most beautiful temple in all of Asia. From the structure to the detailing, from the architecture to the atmosphere, it is a majestic temple.

The temperature is perfect in the region almost yearlong, and there aren’t a lot of tourists in this temple. So, if you are a temple lover, you must visit Prambanan Temple and explore it to the fullest.

Go Hiking At Mount Merapi

Disclaimer alert! Hiking up Mount Merapi isn’t something faint-hearted or amateurs can do. It is challenging, but every bit is worth it. You will have to book a tour from Yogyakarta city, as only a few companies take the tourists up for the hike here.

It is an active volcano that you hike up at and reaches to the top. You should also check out a volcanic museum situated at the base of the mountain. It houses tragic stories of volcanic eruptions of the past and even has specimens of volcanic material and lava up for display. Take my advice and visit it, if you are good at hiking.

Go For A Long Drive In The Mountains

Things To Do For Cheap In Java, Indonesia

When in Java, drive into the royal mountains of Yogyakarta. Rent a moped and start heading to the top of the mountains. As you go up and up, you will see some of the most beautiful mountain views you will ever see. The only thing you must keep in mind is to be cautious while driving. It isn’t dangerous, but obviously when heading downhill just be careful.

If you can’t drive or do not want to drive, you can rent a moped with a driver, but do not miss out on the views. It won’t cause a dent in your pocket, so you have no reason to miss out on this experience.

Surf At Red Island In Java

red island in java

Red Island is a serene island located deep in the southeast of Java. The place has got some awesome beaches with tourist activities and different areas to relax as well. Take some time off your tourist things and head to this island. Relax at the beach, have fun, eat, and do water sports.

Do not forget to surf because it is epic here. You will enjoy the crystal-clear blue water from which you can almost see the sea life at the bottom. It is safe and fun. Why would you miss it then? Right?

Shop In Jakarta

Things To Do For Cheap In Java, Indonesia

This is something I shouldn’t be including, because duh! Who doesn’t want to shop? But, shopping in Jakarta will be one of the most amazing things you will do in all of Indonesia. Even if you aren’t a fan of shopping in bustling cities, I can guarantee you will love doing it here. The malls here are mini countries of their own with everything you want and that too for cheap.

Do not forget to eat some scrumptious Indonesian food while shopping as well. Jakarta offers a nice package of shopping your heart out with the food that will fill up your heart as well. A win-win in both cases!

These were just a few things I have recommended that you can see and do in Jakarta. There is a lot like many temples spread throughout Java, underground temples, volcanoes, and lots and lots of food that you should not be skipping out on. So, pack your bags because it is about time, you have some fun in one of the most interesting places in Asia.