Mexico visa from the USA

Mexico visa from USA and Why you must visit Mexico city?

Mexico visa from the USA

Applying to visit another country can be too bothering because it requires a long list of documents and complexities. If you are thinking of applying for Mexico Visa, here are all the Mexico Visa Requirements that will help you in your Visa application to get a Mexico Visa from USA. The requirements for applying for a Visa require information about the purpose and duration of staying in Mexico.

Mexico visa from the USA

A List of Documents required for a Mexican Visa from USA

Here is a complete list of documents that you need to prepare to apply for a Mexico visa from USA

  • An application form for Mexico Visa
  • Passport or another travel document
  • Copy of your passport
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Booked return ticket
  • Proof of sufficient financial status for staying in the country.
  • Evidence of Accommodation
  • Documents of Employment status
  • Cover Letter
  • Mexico visa fee
  • Other documents if required for your purpose of travelling to Mexico

Why Visit Mexico?

Application Form of Mexico Visa

Firstly, you need an Application Form for Mexico. You can either get it from the embassies or download it from their website. You can either fill in the form in typed form and print it or fill it in legible writing. The information required is:

  • Name, birthday, birthplace, and gender
  • Passport information
  • Marital status
  • Country and address of Residence
  • Job Status Information
  • Your purpose of travel

Filling in all the questions correctly is vital to avoid complexities in getting your visa.


Visa application requires a valid passport or other travel documents. The passport validity must be seen according to the duration of your stay so it does not expire while on your stay. The Passport must have been issued within the last ten years.

Photocopy of Passport

The photocopy of a passport must include all the first and last pages of the passport. Also, there should be copies of amendments, previous visas and stamps.

Passport size pictures for your Visa

Pictures that you need for a  Mexico visa application have certain requirements like:

  • Dimensions: 35mm × 45mm
  • Coloured
  • A plain white background
  • A straight posture with a neutral facial expression
  • Look straight into the camera
  • The picture should be without glasses or any headwear
  • Picture should be recent or no older than six months

Booked return travel ticket

It is crucially important because it proves that you do not intend to live in Mexico longer than you stay. Mexico embassies could ask for a return ticket as proof. You could only book a ticket and not purchase it until you get your Visa.

Proof of Sufficient financial means

The proof of financial status is vital to give evidence to the Mexican embassy that you can cover your expenses during your stay. For this, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Bank Statements for the last three months
  • Last three payslips from where you are employed
  • A letter from your employer includes your full name, nationality, passport number, employment duration, designation, and salary.

If your trip is sponsored, you need to provide the following document:

  • An original invitation or sponsorship letter which includes your full name, the company’s name and registration, duration of your stay, and the activity why you need to travel.
  • Copy of the identity card of the person sponsoring your trip.
  • Last twelve months’ bank slips of the company that is sponsoring your visit.

Evidence of Accommodation

You must submit the evidence that you have arrangements for your accommodation in Mexico. You can provide hotel reservations. If you are staying with a friend or family member, provide proof of their Mexican ID or residence permit.

Documents of Employment Status

For submission of your employment status proof, you need:

  • If you are employed: letter from your employer stating your designation and clearly stating that they do not object to your travel.
  • If you are a student: provide a letter from your education institution stating the proof of your enrollment and degree details.
  • If you are self-employed: you may need to provide details of your investment, property documents, commercial registration, etc.

Cover Letter

It is a requirement from the Mexican embassy which you have to give details of your trip. IT acts as a convincing letter to the embassy in which you state the purpose of your trip. This cover letter must include your trip’s entry and exit dates, purpose, and accommodation details. Its important to explain your purpose of travel with proof to obtain the Mexico visa from USA.

Evidence of Paid  Visa Fee

As a part of the Mexico Visa requirements, you should submit proof of paid visa fee. It is a non-refundable fee for getting a Mexico visa. The average amount of fee is US$ 36. It may also vary according to different embassies. The payment method can be done via bank or some embassies accept cash at the time of application.

Additional Documents

These documents are required for certain reasons for travel. If you attend any event or conference, you may be asked to provide an invitation letter or proof that you will attend the event or conference.

Mexican Visa Document Guidelines

Be careful that the documents you provide are in English or Spanish. If they are not, get them translated through an authorized translator. Also, submit the original copy as well as translated.

All documents should be legalized. You can do so via an Apostille stamp or at the Mexican embassy. The legalization option via the Mexican embassy applies if your country is not included in the Apostille convention.

You need to be aware that the Mexican embassy can request any further documents if they need them.

Difference Between A Mexican Tourist Visa and Mexican Tourist Card

There is one main difference between Mexican Tourist Visa and Mexican tourist Card. A Tourist Card (Forma Migratoria Multiple, FMM) is an entry permit which allows travellers to enter the boundary of Mexico. You can get it from the entry point in Mexico. It is not an official visa. While the Mexican Tourist Visa is a compulsion on all the visa-required nationals that they can get at an embassy. It is also essential for travellers to get a Mexico Tourist Card before entering Mexico.

Mexico Visa Requirements For Residence

You can also get a temporary residence visa in Mexico. It can be obtained if you must stay for longer than six months but less than four years. You must provide a reason for your visit like:

  • Enrollment in an educational institution
  • Proof of your employment contract
  • Evidence of relation with any Mexican resident.
Travel Guide To Mexico

Mexico is an amazing spot for vacation because of the delicious food, incredible landscapes, and history. You’ll love everything in Mexico, from its lush jungles to the Mayan ruins, from beaches to Mexico’s art and from the best food to the friendliness of Mexican people. But, before entering some new city, you must be aware of some famous spots, traditions, and tips to stay in that country. So, here is a brief guide on how you can enjoy your vacation in the country. Also, check out our Europe Travel Guides here.

Mexico Visa Process

What are some Famous spots in Mexico?
  • Visit Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the most-visited tourist spot in Mexico. So, if you are going there, don’t miss a chance to enthral yourself with the extremely beautiful architecture, culture and historical heritage.

  • Visit Mexico City

Mexico City is the oldest city in North America and thus home to ancient art, culture, architecture, and heritage. Your time will be worth spending if you visit the world’s oldest and best museums and art galleries. It is built on the ruins of the Aztec city, so the artwork and architecture are unique.

  • Enjoy Pacific Coast

Visiting Mexico is like getting a complete package of enjoyment. Where you get the ancient architecture, you can also enjoy the tropical beaches of the Pacific Ocean.  You will enjoy delightful views on the coast. You can also enjoy sunbaths, diving, and surfing on the shores of the Pacific Coast.

  • Mayan Ruins

The Mayan City holds some of the world’s most ancient archaeological pyramids. They showcase the Mayan culture and heritage. So, it is a must to visit the Mayan ruins once in a lifetime.

  • Visit a Volcano

Mexico has some active volcanoes and you can actually visit around them. There is a National Park which is founded in between two volcanoes. The sight is too mesmerizing to watch. So, you better watch it once.USA and Mexico VIssa Process

Tips for travelling easily
  • Don’t forget your essentials, including clothes according to climate, medicines, documents, ready cash, etc.
  • Keep accommodations (hotel reservations) ready beforehand.
  • Travel off-season to save cost.
  • Go to street stalls or markets for delicious yet cost-saving food.
  • Always keep a map with you on your phone.
  • Keep your filtered water with you.

Once your visa arrangements are made, and your luggage is ready, you are good to go to Mexico and enjoy the best vacation of your life. This is the easiest step-by-step guide to explain how to get a Mexico Visa from USA.