Amsterdam on a budget

Where to Stay, Eat, and Play: A Backpacker’s Guide to Amsterdram

Backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the name of a city in the Netherlands and its capital. The city has a rich culture that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you have never been to Amsterdam, you miss seeing the most beautiful city in the world.  Here is a backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam, read about where to stay, what to eat, and what to play in Amsterdam.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam 

Backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

Read this backpacker’s guide to Amsterdam to choose places if you plan on staying in Amsterdam:

Hans Brinker Hostel 

There is no hostel better than Hans Brinker Hostel regarding backpacker hostels. The rooms have a private bathroom and a locker for each guest. While staying in Amsterdam, it will be easy to navigate the city by tram, as it is only 475 feet away.

Clink Noord

In addition to private rooms, Clink Noord includes a library and cafe. You have access to free Wi-Fi here. Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast every morning.


Amsterdam has many types of hostels, and Kokoma is one of the best hotels. The hostel is widely acclaimed for being different from other big-name hostels. Kokoma is a great place to build lasting relationships.  Even better, this hostel is perfect for first-time travelers who don’t know how to navigate the city.

Bob’s Youth Hostel

It’s close to the museums and Dam Square as well as shopping. It also has a shared lounge with free Wi-Fi where you can play some board games.

Where to Eat In Amsterdam 

Backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

The city has a lot of fun and places to eat. Eat like a local, and be sure to indulge in Dutch food. Among Dutch snacks, Bitterballen is a favorite. Bering is the name of a raw fish that is eaten in Amsterdam.  Served on paper plates with onions and pickles, this appears to be a local favorite if you’re in the mood for something sweet. This dessert cake is sold at every bakery.

Albert cuypmarktIt’s a market with everything but most importantly the food. It’s the busiest market in Amsterdam. It offers delicious sweet Dutch classics like stroopwafels and uncooked beef sandwiches.

Where to Play in Amsterdam 

Backpacker's guide to Amsterdam

There are many places in Amsterdam where one can play chess; there are many chess museums and many pool bars, such as Plan B, Club 8, and Tonto Club.

If the weather is inclement, Amstelpark is the only tennis club in Amsterdam that offers indoor tennis for a reduced price. 

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