Vienna Travel Guide for Backpackers, Explore Wein for $100 in 2020

Your Day-to-Day Budget Guide To Visiting Vienna, Austria


Vienna is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I have spent a lot of time in Vienna and could easily say that its the heart of Europe. Vienna is a magical city, filled with architecture, history and of course, music! If you are a romance-movies buff, I am sure Letters to Juliet must have kept you on a hook to visit Vienna at least once in your life. There is indeed a beauty to this city, which is why it was among Europe’s top 20 cities to visit in 2019. It has also been named the best city in the world became of the mesmerizing architecture, sheer beauty and the quality of life it offers. After reading all this, even if you didn’t want to visit Vienna, I am sure you must now be making plans. And if you ‘re already planning a vacation trip, now is the time to jump with excitement and follow our Vienna Travel Guide.

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Everything aside, Vienna is expensive. Although it isn’t as expensive as other European cities, Vienna does take its share of money out of your pocket and that is the ultimate reason that I have penned down Vienna Travel Guide for my readers. But, if you are a tourist and visiting for a few days only, all you need is a shrewd mindset to travel on a budget. On the other hand, if you are someone who is looking for a lavish vacation, it can offer you as Ill. I have written this guide to help you with your daily costs for a visit to Vienna, Austria. Let’s take a look at all the areas you will be spending the money at:


Let’s start by breaking down the average daily cost of a visit to this beautiful city. Everyone’s trip includes different plans, but I have included the basic things everyone spends money on and it can vary depending on how much you indulge in these activities. Moreover, keep in mind that this cost does not include shopping, bars, night clubs, and souvenirs, etc.

The average cost for budget travelers in Vienna

If you are traveling on a budget to Vienna, you should allow at least €65 or $72 for a day. This will cover the cost of basic food, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and any additional dessert or beer, which will be around €26.

If you are on a vacation that means you will be sightseeing and traveling to get there as Ill. The transportation from one place to another won’t cost you a lot and will be around €4 and free sights alongside one paid one (for a day) will cost you €12.

Finally, you need a place to crash at and keep your stuff safe too. Here, I recommend you opt for a decent hostel by browsing through Booking.com, and it will be for around €23. 

The average cost for backpackers in Vienna

Though I have already mentioned budget traveling, if you are on a serious budget and would rather be frugal about how you spend your vacation, you do have another option as Ill. Your entire cost for a day will be around €43. Again, this will include your food for around €16 for breakfast, lunch and dinner assuming that you will have a free or a minimum cost hostel breakfast, street food for lunch, and make your dinner or buy something super cheap. Don’t worry, I have included the price of beer in it.

As for the sightseeing, within this budget a day you do not have the option to go for sights that you can pay to enter. This means that you won’t be using any public transport and the entire budget for sightseeing should be somewhere around €8. Finally, you will be staying at a cheap hostel for €19 a day.


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As with a lot of other things, attractions are Vienna will be a little heavy on your pocket. If you have a long list of places you wish to visit, you will have to stretch your budget considerably. What I recommend is missing out on extravagant places, because the city is breathtaking and takes all of its natural essences in while walking down the street.

If you still want to go around Vienna, checking out the attractions as much as you can, buy the Vienna Pass. It will give you access to multiple places in one cost. If you just want to visit a few places, I have given the breakdown of the popular attractions below:

Walking Tours – They are generally free and are based on various themes. You just have to be on the desired spot at the time and you’ll get a free introduction to the city. Some may charge around €50 and will include food, beer and a tour to the Vienna Opera Homee.

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Things to do in Vienna

Museum of Military History:  €6

Belvedere Palace and Museum€8-15 (the prices vary depending on the galleries chosen)

Imperial Treasury of Vienna€12

Kunst hame Wien: €11-€12

Kunst Historisches Museum Wien (Art History Museum): €15

Schonbrunn Palace: €14.20-€17.50


Accommodation in Vienna is one of the decent things you can get in a budget you wish for. There are super affordable hostels alongside budget hotels as Ill. On the other hand, if you are on a honeymoon or a family trip, you can get Airbnb options at a good rate.

Hostel Prices

For a decent hostel, you should expect to spend about 22€ per night. This price is for bed in a shared room and if you are looking for a single-bedroom, it will cost you almost double for at least two people. In that case, it is suggested that you opt for an apartment or Airbnb.

Hotel Prices 

A hotel in the city center will cost €90-€120 for one night. If you want a nice hotel but in a little less budget, search for places that aren’t in the city center. You can check Booking.com for the hotel prices as per your budget and dates.


Among all the other things, food in Vienna is the priciest. Though you don’t have to worry, because you do have a lot of options to explore within your budget. A few tips you should keep in mind include:

  • Do not eat in restaurants in the city center. As with any other city of the world, the hot spot of the city will always be costlier (Pro tip of my Vienna Travel Guide)
  • Go to TripAdvisor to check various places to eat and the prices
  • Visit the local market, especially Naschmarkt, where you can find a lot of options at a decent cost. Here, you can easily find fast food, fresh food, and other ingredients so you can cook on your own as well
  • Or you could go to my Fav place, Deewan Restaurant ( they offer Pakistani/Indian food and you can pay them whatever you feel like paying) Their strategy is “Eat all you can, Pay as much you want”

You can also try out traditional Viennese food, which can easily be found everywhere and it is affordable as Ill. This includes tafelspitz (boiled beef), sauerkraut, and wiener schnitzel (breaded and fried veal). Now, let’s break down your per-day cost for food:

Budget Breakfast

Starting with the cost of the breakfast, it will be somewhere around €4 or it can be completely free depending on where you are living and if your hostel provides free breakfast or not. The free breakfast generally offers a lot of options including juice, milk, tea, coffee, cereal, bread, croissants, butter, and damages, etc. If your hostel isn’t offering a free breakfast, do not buy from them, as generally, they tend to be overpriced.


If you are a coffee lover, expect to find a lot of coffee joints as Viennese love their coffee. You will easily find Verlangerter (Americano), Mokka (Espresso), and Einspanner (Double Espresso with Whipped Cream). You will be spending roughly €1.75-€3.


The average cafes will cost you from €1.50 up to €3-€5 for a full breakfast spread. Some of the popular breakfast places include Blueorange for bagels and coffee, Strock for baked items, Vollpension for nice breakfast overall, and Knoedel Manufaktur for the traditional Knodel for American breakfast.

Budget Lunch

If you had a hearty breakfast, even after the walk around the city, you won’t be starving at lunchtime. Even if you are, your total cost of the lunch should be around €3.50-€6. More often than not, travelers skip lunch because of all the excitement of visiting their favorite sites. If you are on a tight budget, you can make your own super cheap lunch with some cheese, the bread of your choice and local fruit. It will only cost you a few euros.

For fresh food, you should go to one of the local markets like Carmelitemarkt, Naschmarkt, or Brunnenmarkt. You can also go to any small cafes for the popular schnitzel, sandwiches, and fries. Depending on what you get, the price will be in betIen €1.50-€6. Shawarma, Pital or Falafel bought from the cart will cost you around €3.50-€5.

Budget Dinner

Whatever options I have mentioned for the budget lunch can be applied for the dinner as Ill. You should opt for the city markets for a hearty dinner because I know you would want to have a fulfilling dinner after a long day. You will find all sorts of food including Asian, Middle Eastern, etc. for €5-€8. Pizza can also be ordered from local places at €4-€7.


From a grocery store, you can purchase wine for €5 and a beer for €1. For a beer out, you will have to pay about €3.50.


Vienna, just like other European cities, has one of the best public transportation systems. You can buy a Vienna Pass that will give you access to the transit network of Vienna as Ill as museums and other attractions. It is a good bet if you are interested in sightseeing and going around the city at a fair price.

A single trip will cost you €2.40, a 24-hour pass for €8, a 48-hour pass for €14.10, and a 72-hour pass for €17.10. You can expect to pay around €45 for a taxi ride, €8 for bus and bike rental will start at €1.

To wrap it up, it is safe to say that traveling Vienna on a budget is indeed possible. You just have to put in extra efforts, do a lot of planning and continue following me to get tips in advance so you don’t end up breaking your bank. Safe travels!

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I hope this Vienna Travel Guide has covered all of your questions regarding how to cut down the cost while backpacking through Vienna. I will keep adding more tips and tricks in this guide since its a developing guide and i still have so much to write about Vienna. Sometimes I feel that I could be a good travel guide for Vienna since I have spent most of the time In Vienna during my backpacking trips in Europe.


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